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Aves Press Limited is also a journal publisher in the field of zoology. Our first publication, Zoological Bibliography, initially published both in print and in electronic form, will change to an e-publication only with the start of volume 3 (after the coming fourth issue of volume 3 in-hand) when we will initiate a modest subscription intended to do no more than cover costs. A second e-journal, with ISSN, is being developed; this will be accessible free, for a period, to buyers of the Howard and Moore Checklist of the Birds of the World, but will also be sold to institutional and individual subscribers. Some details are given here and more will follow as soon as possible.

Aves Press Limited will also consider publishing periodicals, not just about birds but always dealing with zoology and as a service to zoology. Such periodicals, likely to be irregular and thus not of interest to major journal publishers, will at least for an initial two or three years be offered free in electronic form to users of this website. An Aves Press periodical will carry an on-line ISSN and if appropriate a print edition ISSN.

The Aves Press Limited business model is intended to offer authors an unusually supportive relationship in which an agreed fee is paid, not a royalty, and in which certain costs that are seen to be necessary for the creation of the work will, at least in part, be borne by the publisher out of what most publishers would usually see as their profit. To guarantee the fairness of this, authors will have full visibility to the figures necessary to understand and follow project profitability. To avoid issues due to stock-holding appropriate use will be made of pre-publication discounts. Use may also be made of print-on-demand, unless the author is willing to share in the risks associated with printing and carrying stock, or unless co-publishing is found to be viable. Aves Press Limited employs few to no employees, indeed initially none, and its business model makes use of the volunteer services of its directors, who draw no pay but are shareholders. Illustrators will be treated as part of the authorship team (which must agree on fee-sharing and how our funding is to be used for project costs). No advances will be made to authors or illustrators.

Authors who wish to submit a proposal for publication should e-mail our Commissioning Editor to request a proposal form. When received and completed this should be returned by e-mail with no more than eight pages attached in support of the proposal.

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