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Priority! The Dating of Scientific Names in Ornithology / A Directory to the Literature and its Reviewers. 2011. Aves Press Limited, Northampton, U.K.

Compiled by Edward C. Dickinson, Leslie K. Overstreet, Robert J. Dowsett and Murray D. Bruce with the help of over 50 contributors and many others. 320 pages printed in mono on 80 gms bookwove paper with printed four colour hard cover, round backed with data CD ROM inserted. 28 grayscale illustrations. The CD ROM holds over 160 pp of printable tables. Size 305 x 215 x 31 mm. Weight before packing 1.25 kgs approx.

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“’Priority!’ is a solid testament to the hard labors of its authors in researching the dates of natural history publications in order to resolve difficult issues of priority among bird names. Five years of rigorous bibliographic detective work has resulted in an indispensable reference work for all zoologists.”
Neal L. Evenhuis, Entomologist, Bishop Museum, Honolulu, U.S.A.

“Scientific names are used by biologists all over the world as their ‘common language’. These names are vital to communicate clearly and efficiently about the amazing life around us. This book is the result of countless hours of detective work into the dating of publications establishing new scientific names of birds. This task is essential to ascertain the priority of names and hence the correct scientific name to be used as valid today. Although this book focuses on bird literature, the considerable body of historical information given on natural history books and periodicals will be of great interest to all biologists.”
Patrice Bouchard, Coleopterist, Canadian National Collection of Insects, Ottawa, Canada.