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Please register your full name and e-mail address and country of residence here if you wish to receive advance notice of publications that will allow you the chance to benefit from pre-publication discounts. This will place you under no obligation whatever, and all such offers will ultimately be visible for a limited period to those browsing this website. Every notice despatched to you will give you the opportunity to cancel this registration. Your name and address will not be shared with any third party, nor will it ever be sold. Newsletters, initially informal, will at least appear to advise that a new issue of Zoological Bibliography (or of our new journal) is available.

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If you dislike using credit cards facilities we have a PayPal account to which you can remit your subscriptions or even pay for books. To enquire about this just e-mail info@avespress.com.

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While we are interested in all feedback regarding this website and our products, and will maintain a log of it for regular reading and consideration, we operate with such low overheads that, in our initial period of business, we are unable to promise to respond to any but carefully selected messages. If you believe that we may wish to use your message in our publicity please supply a contact address because we shall not do so without permission. Furthermore if we act on one of your suggestions we should like to thank you.

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