The Howard and Moore Complete Checklist of the Birds of the World, 4th. edition. Vol. 2. World Wildlife Images

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Welcome to the website of Aves Press Limited. The motivation for our establishment was the need to preserve the Howard and Moore Checklist of the Birds of the World from some of the arbitrary decisions made by major publishers. With the successful launch of volume 1 of the new edition of this reference work a first such step has been taken. The title is now charity-owned and certain principles have been laid down affecting any contract with a publisher which Aves Press felt well able to accept. We are also now involved with piloting the future of this reference work through the choppy waters of a publishing industry coming to terms with electronic publication. Over the remainder of 2013 our plans for this will gradually be made clear.

We no longer possess stocks of the 2003 edition of the Howard & Moore checklist but if you enquire we can probably direct you to a stockholder. For news of the imminent launch of the new edition see our Books Page

White-headed Robin-Chat by Jonathan Rossouw

White-headed Robin-Chat by Jonathan Rossouw
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