The Howard and Moore Complete Checklist of the Birds of the World, 4th. edition. Vol. 1 & 2. World Wildlife Images

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Welcome to the website of Aves Press Limited. The motivation for our establishment was the need to preserve the Howard and Moore Checklist of the Birds of the World from some of the arbitrary decisions made by major publishers. With the successful launch of volume 1 of the new edition of this reference work a first such step has been taken. The title is now charity-owned and certain principles have been laid down affecting any contract with a publisher which Aves Press felt well able to accept. Volume 2 of the checklist has been printed and may be ordered now. Those who paid for their 2nd volume, to whom we are most grateful, will receive e-mails asking for a confirmation of their mailing address. Invoices, marked PAID, will be sent at the moment the stock is available and shipment is being arranged. We reserved copies for all those who bought volume 1 but did not pay for volume two, for them although costs of P&P go up, the base price of the book will be unchanged. Note however that Vol. 2 is over 800 pages and for all new buyers it will, as advertised, cost £80 plus P&P (or closely similar US$ prices from Buteo Books in Virginia, U.S.A). A few copies of the set will be available, with a discount, for institutions (e-mail info@avespress.com for details). Plans for Updates are in hand; these will be e-publications with ISSN numbers and will thus be 'properly published' and citable in a way that website based lists are not.

The CD with Volume 2 includes a spreadsheet which each buyer can use or modify in whatever way he or she wishes.

Interesting and exciting bilateral discussions are taking place which prevent us even outlining our further plans at the moment! Those plans do however include and confirm the previously announced change in overall editorship. After acting as co-editor for Vol. 2 of the 4th edition of the Checklist Les Christidis, based in Australia, will gradually take over from Edward Dickinson and become the Managing Editor of the eventual 5th edition and will 'project-manage' the Updates between now and then. The first Update, out we hope within 2014, will deal with the Non-Passerines; because it will be over a year since volume 1 was published the cut-off date for this is more likely to be 31 July 2014 than any earlier date. Whether future updates will be six months apart and deal with two volumes separately is not yet finally decided and one annual overall update remains a possibility.

White-headed Robin-Chat by Jonathan Rossouw

Blue banded Pitta Pitta arquata
painted by Martin W. Woodcock
© The Trust for Avian Systematics